Patience is the Key When Transitioning

Whether you are a short term transitioner or a long term transitioner the key is to have patience either way you decide to transition. Short term transitioner you have to have the patience with your new cut and long term the patience you just get thru this transition without giving up.

Messy Up Do

Messy Up Do

Monday, March 21, 2011

15 Months Post Still Going Strong

Coming up with hair styles has been trying for me during my transition.. 1st starting I would tell you it was detangling but I got that down now.. So I have to say within my 15 months styling is still an issue.. Moisture will alway be my crusade to get my hair moisturized and stay that way.  Until I BC that is my mission.. Get moisture, keep it and maintain it.  Just doing various things to keep my hair moisturized and right now I am using Chicoro' Moisture Rich Recipes.. She has 4 steps.. Being that I don't shampoo I'm co-washing still somewhat using her steps.. Next will be to use her leave in.. In this pic here I used her pre-poo recipe..

Ingredients you will need: (Pre-Poo)

In a bowl mix

· ½ cup of aloe vera juice or whole leaf aloe vera
· 1-2 tablespoons of your favorite oil (wheat germ, olive, safflower, walnut etc)

In a separate Bowl melt

· Food grade coconut oil (1/4 cup)

· Sit the bottle or jar in hot water- do not put in microwave or on the stove!

Remember, everyone's hair has different needs. You may need more or less of this mixture. Or, your hair may not like this at all. None of these will irrevocably change your hair. Thus, you just need to wash out the mixture if your hair doesn't like it.

1. Using your fingers, separate your hair into 4- 8 sections. If your hair is caked with hard product, rinse your hair first. Gently handle the first section. First, smooth the hair in a downward direction. You are just trying to make sure that all the hair is going in one direction. You don't need to completely detangle the hair at this point.

2. Dip your hair in the bowl of aloe vera and oil or cup your hands in the mixture and transfer it to the section onto your hair. Work it through. Get the aloe vera/oil mix into your hair from root to tip. Make sure it is moist throughout the sectioned hair. If your hair is long enough, twist it and wrap it around like a bantu knot. If it is not, try to twist it and move it out the way. Repeat until you have done this to each section.

3. You should have a head full of aloe vera mixed with oil twisted sections. Go back to the first twist you did. Undo it, pour the liquid coconut oil in your hand and work through the section. Re-twist it and repeat on whole head. Place a plastic shower cap on your head for 15-60 minutes. Your moisturizing pre-poo is complete!

Here is her leave in also for moisture rich hair.. I haven't used this one yet don't have all of the ingredients: She has 4 steps this is her last step..

The fourth step in the process where you have an opportunity to add moisture to your hair is during your leave in step.


½ cup of aloe vera

1-2 tablespoons of oil

1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin

1-3 drops of rosemary essential oil (optional)

1-3 drops of sage essential oil (optional)

1-3 drops of basil essential oil (optional)

Liquid panthenol (optional)

1. Mix all the ingredients together. You can even place them in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your freshly rinsed hair.

2. Work the leave -in mixture into your hair from root to tip.
3. Do not rinse out this mixture.
4. Style your natural hair as usual.

There you have it! This routine is one way to add moisture to your hair. I hope you can keep your hands out of your soft, moist, beautiful afro-textured hair!

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