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Messy Up Do

Messy Up Do

Friday, March 18, 2011

Do You Henna

I would hear so much about Henna on the hair boards.. I was scared to try it.  I been on band wagons b4 and some because of not doing the correct research my hair suffered.  So I researched found recipe after recipe and decided to do a Henna Gloss.. 1st time I tried it the henna was ok.. I did wait for any color release and followed with Indigo.. The indigo didn't take at all.. I had copper hi-lites where my grey hairs were.  2nd time the same thing just did not take.  So the third time I said I am going to follow these recipes and keep it simple.. Less is better. I tried Top Mop Maven Henna Recipe.. Added my own because I didn't have some of the things she had but I still kept it like hers I just used a different brand..For the 1st time my Indigo worked and want to know what I did wrong.  Looking around a the recipes instead of adding water to my indigo because I heard of the drying effects I added Aloe Vera Juice the 1st time around and other things that I should have kept out of it.. What I did this go around was just water and salt.. Yes less is best.  When I used the Henna Gloss my hair came out soft and not hard or tangled at all. Like b4 when I was adding everything I had in my kitchen.. lol

Here is Top Mop Maven Henna/Gloss Recipe

200G Henna [two boxes]
1/2 Cup Hello Hydration Conditioner
1 Cup Lustrasilk Mango & Shea Butter Conditioner
1/2 Cup of Brahmi Oil added to mixture before applying the Henna on my hair.

This is Letha's Henna Gloss Recipe

200G Henna Jamilia Henna (2bxs)
1 cup of Lustrasilk Argan Oil Conditioner
1/2 Hello Hydration b4 the changed the name (can't remember the name)
1/2 cup of GrapeSeed & Walnut Oil ( applied the oil b4 I put the henna gloss in my hair)
I didn't have any Brahmi Oil so I used this mixture

I did let my mixture sit over night for color release.  Most people don't do this so this can be your personal preference.

I had some left over so I might use one box next time.. I made sure I had enough to go all over my hair.. To Keep the black color I plan to do a Henna/Indigo gloss.. That is just where I plan to mix the indigo with the henna so I don't have to go thru the step of using the indigo alone and dealing with the dryness.  I have some recipes in mind but still researching that Henna/Indigo Gloss.. I might just use the recipe I have and just add the Indigo right b4 I used the recipe above.. Not sure if anyone remember MedMunky.. I came across a great henna/Indigo gloss recipe that she had so at least I have 2 recipes to try out..

Just do your research and remember less is best no need to add all this extra stuff to your Henna Mix unless you have a mix with 15 ingredients and it work then stick to it but for someone starting out to do Henna keep it simple..


  1. This is great info Letha. It really helped me with my henna last time. I'm doing henna again today but not a gloss...I'm going all out and just seeing how it comes out with just henna and water.

  2. I agree, great info! Although I have been using henna for 6 years now, I have yet to use indigo and I'm thinking about doing my first one this weekend. So this was just what I needed to hear. I also pared my henna mix way down. I used to do a gloss but now I just use aloe vera and ACV. I also mix in some hibiscus powder, but I keep it really simple these days. I'm so glad you tipped me off to not using the AVJ in the indigo, cause I certainly would have done that.

  3. BTW, I certainly do remember MedMunky! She was an awesome mixologist. I wonder if she is a doctor now (she was in medical school, I think)? Have you tried the henndigo mix yet? I did try that once and I got a brown color that I hated. That was a couple of years ago, and I haven't touched indigo since. I hope my two-step works out well.