Patience is the Key When Transitioning

Whether you are a short term transitioner or a long term transitioner the key is to have patience either way you decide to transition. Short term transitioner you have to have the patience with your new cut and long term the patience you just get thru this transition without giving up.

Messy Up Do

Messy Up Do

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trying To Get Rid of Moisturizers that Don't Work Try Emu Oil

Do you have tons of moisturizer that doesn't work for you anymore or do you just want to spice up your main moisturizer. I just brought emu oil and I've been adding just a dap to my moisturizer so I can use them up and it's giving my hair that moisture that I couldn't get b4 from some of these moisturizers. I added a drop to HN moisturizer which they already have emu oil in their moisturizer and it just knock the moisture up a notch. I also added it to Cathy Howse Moisturizer and it gave me much added moisture and shine that my hair didn't have b4.(The picture is with Cathy Howse Moisturizer) It last through out the night and when I woke up the next morning I still have that moisture and I really don't need to add more moisturizer to my hair but I did anyway.

B4 Transition

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