Patience is the Key When Transitioning

Whether you are a short term transitioner or a long term transitioner the key is to have patience either way you decide to transition. Short term transitioner you have to have the patience with your new cut and long term the patience you just get thru this transition without giving up.

Messy Up Do

Messy Up Do

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Steaming on Dry Hair

I guess you can look at this as being a hot oil treatment only difference is instead of heating your oil up the steam will heat the oil up for you.

Hair Steamer - Hair Treatment w/oils


I've seen articles that state coconut oil and soybean oils are popular oils bring moisture to your scalp.  You can use any oil that you choose.  The oil is a very good way to lift up dead skin and leave your scalp and hair cleansed.

I finally got a chance to steam on dry hair.. I been seen a couple of you-tube videos and to be honest I never thought about it until I saw those videos.. So I decided to do it myself.. I used Hair Veda Vatika Frosting.  Applied it to my scalp massaged that in and also my hair.  I sat under my steamer for about 15-20 min.  Can't really say I noticed any major results for this but I do know detangling and co-washing went great.  I still ended up steaming afterwards also during the winter months I am noticing my hair seems to be drier.. I am working on that to get my moisture back.

If asked which one I perfer I would have to say steam on wet hair with DC and that is only because I've done that more.. I won't give up on steaming on dry hair and oil..


  1. I need to get lots of things. I'm so new!

  2. Don't let it overwhelm you because it can when you 1st start out. Just take it slow at 1st and the hardest thing is not wanting to try everything that other people has tried

  3. Where to buy the steam hair products?