Patience is the Key When Transitioning

Whether you are a short term transitioner or a long term transitioner the key is to have patience either way you decide to transition. Short term transitioner you have to have the patience with your new cut and long term the patience you just get thru this transition without giving up.

Messy Up Do

Messy Up Do

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sprucing Up That Transitioning Style

Trying to come up with different styles can be challenging while transitioning.. I stay you you-tube and every other site I can think of looking for different styles..What I keep going back to is my trust fake pony tails. I love to wear my corkscrew style but it was hard to find that style of pony tail and come to figure out it only came in kids ponytail.. Yea that right.  Well I got it and looks great.  I love hair accessories and good ways to spruce up your ponytail or bun is with a pretty flower, docorative sticks, or even scarves.. I found that beautiful silk or satin scarves look beautiful on a ponytail that is hanging a little or a lot.  Next time you're not sure what to do with that ponytail find some hair accessories to spruce it up.. Winter time is great for those scarves.. 

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  1. Gorgeous Letha! Where do you find such beautiful scarves?